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There are two series of FBI thrillers. The first follows Special Agent Jack Miller in his adventures with the Minneapolis FBI. 

The second, is a series of novellas following the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team for some quick action reads. 

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The Ninth District

The first book in the FBI thriller series with Special Agent Jack Miller.


The Federal Reserve has never been robbed.

FBI Special Agent Jack Miller, pulled into a high-profile case to mentor a new agent, finds himself in a clash with the toughest opponent of his career, culminating in the bowels of the city - the storm sewers and tunnels beneath Minneapolis' downtown. 


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Twice Removed


The second book in the FBI thriller series with Special Agent Jack Miller.


FBI special agent Jack Miller takes his family to Minnesota’s lake country for a much-needed vacation when the local police chief asks him for help. Jack's vacation is interupted to confront a picturesque town’s dark underbelly in this action-packed thriller.

SuperCell: Critical Incident #1


The FBI Hostage Rescue Team is dispatched to the plains of Nebraska after a supercell tornado hits a maximum security prison.


Follow agent Ross Fruen on his first assignment with the HRT after you met him in The Ninth District. 

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Free Fall: Critical Incident #2

Agents Fruen and Stevens are back, along with K-9 agent Rupert as the Hostage Rescue Team is dispatched to the wilderness of Maine to rescue a kidnapped girl. 

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Lost Art: Critical Incident #3

When a maritime museum gets robbed, can the stolen art be recovered before it's gone forever?

Meet FBI Special Agent Val Martinson, a member of the FBI's Art Crime Team, partnering with the Hostage Rescue Team to investigate a museum robbery and track down some lost art.

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The Critical Incident Series: Episodes 1-3

Get all three Critical Incidents books in one boxed set. 

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