For my mom – Millie (#alzheimerssucks)

June 15, 2013 I read a blog post about Tess Gerritsen declaring war on Alzheimer’s. Her father died of the disease and she was raising funds to donate to research aimed battling this horrible disease. One way she was doing this was asking for contributions, which she would match, up to $25,000. To provide an incentive to other authors and readers, … Read More

Want in? 99 cent event for readers of Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

  Hello fellow MTS (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense) author. My name is Douglas Dorow, author of the FBI crime thriller, THE NINTH DISTRICT and the soon to be released novella, SUPERCELL. I am inviting you to participate in a one day event where we (a group of Mystery, Thriller & Suspense writers) discount one of our books to 99 cents and we all … Read More

Journey with a Developmental Editor – #4 & #5

Meetings with Alida #’s 4&5 were both again at a coffee shop. Our focus was the outline. It was great talking through the story with her, her challenging me and coming at the story from somebody who doesn’t know it, but has heard enough to have some ideas. The biggest thing we talked about was ending each scene in conflict. … Read More

Journey with a Developmental Editor – #3

Alida and I met at the local coffee shop again. One benefit of working with a local editor is the face to face over coffee across a table, though I am sure that working with her via Skype would work just as well. Working via Skype I wouldn’t have met her service dog in training, who was well behaved. In … Read More

Journey with a Developmental Editor – #2

Have you ever had insomnia? I don’t get it often, but when I do, it strikes hard. I had it last night. I’d gone to sleep, the dogs heard some noise from outside, barked and woke me up. It was midnight and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Counting sheep wasn’t going to help, I was wide awake.  The first … Read More

Journey with a Developmental Editor – #1

I wrote my first novel, THE NINTH DISTRICT , after taking a few writing classes, reading some books/blogs on the writing craft and being part of a critique group for many years. I’ve found myself with plenty of ideas and starts on a novella and two novels, but getting stuck along the way. I’m a plotter versus pantser and have struggled … Read More

Blog Tour :: My Writing Process  (a peak behind the curtain)

Thanks to Eva Hudson,   who proceeded me on this blog tour and invited me to participate. I discovered Eva one day when I was searching Amazon to see who else would come up when I entered “FBI thrillers”. Well, I found Eva Hudson, Fresh Doubt, and FBI Special agent Ingrid Skyberg. It sounded interesting, an FBI agent in London … Read More

Why I write what I write

Why I write what I write. My dad didn’t watch a lot of TV, but he had a few shows he would watch; westerns and crime/PI/thriller shows. Gunsmoke and Bonanza were staples in our house’s TV menu (3 major network stations and PBS) along with The Man from UNCLE, Mannix, Mission Impossible, and THE FBI. I don’t think about that … Read More

Not enough time? 

Not enough time? Really?Nine seconds was all it took. My two alma maters, the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota, were recently renewing a rivalry as they faced off against each other in the NCAA Frozen Four semi-final game. What’s the Frozen Four? It is finals for the ice hockey collegiate playoffs. This one in particular for … Read More

Author & Fans join to fight Alzheimers

Boston Herald article > Author & Fans join to fight alzheimers.  Need a book to read? Check out Tess Gettisen and support her fight.  Support a cause important to you, whatever it is.